Yes, it's always about, me, me.

I started at a very early age, actually. In the dead of winter on January 22, 1947 to be exact. To be even more exact, 11:05 p.m. from what I'm told. I wasn't there. Oh wait.....

I came into this world with an older brother who probably couldn't wait to get his mitts on me and show me who's boss.

We moved to Venice, California when I was but a few weeks old, and lived there for several years before moving out to the valley which is where I grew up and still live today. The valley is my home.

School years at Hayvenhurst Avenue School a few blocks away & Marcy Schaeffer right next door (I fell in love with her at 5 years old but she was





Michael Dardenelle

a few months older than I so I knew this relationship would never work out. At 6, we broke up.)

In 1956 Mom and Dad came to find out that I was diagnosed with what was called "Juvenile Onset Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus". Back then no one knew what the hell that was, other than that the doctor was a trusted professional who my mom and dad believed, so they took him at his word and put me in the hospital. At 9 years old, I really didn't have much say in the matter so off to Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, I went.

Yep, I went to school (though sometimes people might question that...) Hayvenhurst Elementary in Van Nuys. When we moved to the west valley, I changed schools in the 5th grade, and went to Calvert Elementary. A year or so of that institution saw me going to Hughes Jr. High, now the West Valley Occupational Center. In 1961 I left Hughes and went to high school, a tortuous mile walk up the Winnetka hill, and went to Taft High School.

I really didn't like school that much. I was sort of rebelious and thought I was smarter than the teachers...but the law and my parents said I had to go, so I went. Almost didn't graduate because I cut school so many times. Really the only subjects I enjoyed were anything in the arts and music, and Spanish. I learned a lot from those classes, but if you ask me anything about history or CAP (Contemporary American Problems with Mr. Garvin) I'll give a blank stare.

I remember one day in high school, my class after lunch was that CAP class...during the lunch break, the sole of my shoe began to come off, and I thought it would be a good idea to just take the whole sole off because the kids would make fun of me with a shoe like that. I tried and tried to take the sole off, and the stitching came off just fine, but the sole wouldn't come off because it was underneath the heel...which I knew couldn't be removed. So there I am with the sole of my shoe flapping in the breeze as I walked.

I came into Mr. Garvin's class with that damn sole flapping when I walked, and believe me I was the hit of the class.

After graduating from Taft, I had a couple menial jobs to earn some extra money, but my real working career began in October 1966 when I was 19 years old. I started to work in the credit and collections department of the May Co. in downtown Los Angeles. I met Georgia Parker who was working there as well, and after a 3 year courtship, we married in August 1969.

We were childless until 1978 when our first child, Scott, was born, and a year and a half later, in December, 1979 our daughter Kate was born.

Many jobs later, lots of years of child raising, fast forward to 1996, I came out of the closet and we divorced. Very amicable divorce, considering the circumstances.

In 1999 I met Carlos, and we began dating, and 14 years later, we got married in July, 2013

Kids are now grown with kids of their own and here I am at 69 years of age. Surprising because with my health the way it is, I never expected to reach 40.

Much of this in more details can be found in the link above, "Dear Children" which is a very easy read book I started when I turned 40.

So for now, as they say in the newspaper biz.....


(Google that...)