Dear Children

A Letter From Your Father

In recent years I have read so many books (well, no I havent, really...but it sounds good...) that people have written to their children in the hopes that their kids would know something about their parents; the way they were, and the way they are, and why they were brought up the way they were. I never had that luxury as I grew up. That is, I didn't have a book either of my parents wrote to give me an insight of what they were like.

I decided when I was 40 to begin writing some memoirs so that my children and maybe my grandchildren would know a little about me. As the 10 year mark rolled around after I began the book, it dawned on me that I really need to get a move-on before they were old enough to write one about ME.

I was able to finish it by my 50th birthday when I presented to them.

Truth be told, I continued on the book into 2016 making changes along the way, updating for the online version...but the idea is still there.

To begin reading, click the book....and continue to scroll down; the entire book is at your fingertips.

I hope you enjoy it.

And from Rod McKuen:
I have been young,
A fresh faced sprout,
With agile legs, a muscled arm and smile
To charm the world I went through
In a rush to get a little older, sooner.
Catching my reflection while passing past
A looking glass, not long ago
I discovered I was older, even old.
There was no sudden melancholy or regret, and yet
Some sadness in the wonder that it happened
While I wasn't watching . . .

-- Rod McKuen