These are some of the reasons I wake up in the morning.

Scott married Sonja in July, 2012. He was a teacher for several years and she is a physician in the Air Force. Currently they live in Maryland where Sonja is close to her work. When their son, Troy, was born, Scott decided to be a stay-at-home dad. These two wonderful people and my grandson Troy, add more to my life than I could ever imagine. I love you guys.

Kate and her beautiful children, Kristina (Kristy to me) and Julianna (Julie-Bean) live nearby and are lights of my life. Kate currently works

for the Department of Public Social Service for Los Angeles County. Kristy will be 18 (NO  NO NO!!!!)  on her next  birthday,  and  finishing high school. Julie-Bean will be 6 on her next birthday and all of these girls give me what I need to keep going and plug along.

Another beautiful moment will be in September when Scott and Sonja present us with grandchild #4, a girl. Of course I'm thrilled but God, I feel so freakin' OLD!!

So proud to announce the newest Dardenelle, Brooke Inge, born on September 23 to Scott and Sonja.