This is my first studio recording in 17 years. It's been a struggle to plan and produce this but after giving it much thought, trying to choose 12 songs out of all the songs I have
                                           ALBUM HISTORY

When I worked for the telephone company, one of our managers caught wind of my recordings and asked me to do an album for her of spiritual songs. I really had no idea what to record for her, but then I remembered a song I heard that I really enjoyed, "No Other Name But Jesus". I found the tracks and it was exactly like I remembered, so after literally months of learning, choosing, recording, In July, 1987, the album, then on Cassette, found it's way to Catherine's desk.

She was just as amazed as I was, and was forever grateful for my taking the time to do I was not accustomed to, and to be honest, really didnt like. But Cathy, this one's for you.

and all the songs I know, I narrowed it down to what you hear. This is a project that, like all the others, was not intended for an audition or anything special. It was more a "bucket list". Something I had to do, to prove to myself that I can, despite many obstacles. "A Song For Mom" is spoken word, honoring mothers everywhere.

These seemed like natural songs to sing. The album was released June 21, 2013, honoring my mother's 92nd birthday

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Christmastime is always special for everyone, and it was no different in our home. With all the recording I was doing, it only seemed kind of natural for me to arrange a Christmas album. Usually recorded in the blistering heat of summer to allow for post production and release, I began this album in July, 1984, for a December release.

...but this time I got the family involved. Georgia is featured on two songs, and Scott and Katie are featured on "Away In A Manger". It brought me to tears then, it brings me to tears now.

I'm sure they all thought I was out of my mind to sing Christmas songs in the summer...and maybe I was...but I think they were pretty pleased when they all heard themselves on "a record".

My dad was always in awe of the music that was part of my life since before I could talk, I'm sure. He would marvel at my accordion playing (why, I don't know) but he was always taken back at the songs I sang. "How do you know all the words??" was a question he always asked me from the time I first began singing.

When he passed away in October, 1989, I knew then I would have to work on an album to give to my mom on his one year anniversary. On October 14, 1990, I presented this to her, and I remember her leaning up against the kitchen counter, putting in the cassette radio player, and with her head in her hands, just listened to the entire album.

I miss you, Dad, and you are in my heart always.

What ever possessed me to record a country album is beyond me. I think I'm the only one in my family who enjoys this kind of music.

I didn't spend a whole lot of time choosing the songs or recording them because I really loved the sound and some of the messages the lyrics got across. It was a fun album to put together and pretty much was done for my own enjoyment.

"Ridin' The Rodeo" was recorded many years after the others but snuck it's way in. . .cuz I really like it.

The album was released June 1, 1984.
                                          ALBUM HISTORY

I have always been a fan of music from the 60's and in 1982, when I was spending a lot of time in the recording studio, I felt this was something I had to put together. A dear friend of mine helped me produce this, and we went scouting for a 1957 Chevy so I could roll up my sleeves (literally), lean up against it, and have him take many pictures. This is the album cover I had in my mind, and it came out just the way I pictured it.

The songs were obvious choices for me as these were the songs I grew up on. Sedaka, Everly Brothers, of course Elvis, all found their way to "Old Time Rock 'n Roll".

The album was released July 1, 1982
                                          ALBUM HISTORY

1996 was a very hard year for me. In April, I suffered a heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery, and the emotions of the ordeal was very hard on us. After months of recovery and at times wanting to just give up, I decided to return to the studio to make music. This time it was truly music with a message I wanted to get out to those who were there for me, who loved me, who supported me. These were times when people could have said "no", but instead, they said "yes". Always.

I had an amazing support group and a family that loved me unconditionally, and the bruises and battle scars from surgery left me with a self esteem that was so low it couldn't be shaken. "Music With A Message" was my way up. I'm very proud of this album and what it means to me.
                                          ALBUM HISTORY

And what fun would it be if I didn't record my first Christmas album in 32 years?

I have been out of the musical limelight for a long time because of some hearing issues. It's kept me from choruses, it's kept me out of the studios.

I am planning on a December 1, 2016 release of "Till The Season Comes Round Again" and if it goes as planned, it will be a favorite of mine to record and to share with you.

As a teaser, #7, "The Best Gift" and #9, "Dor Ye Hudi" are ready for you now. Go ahead. Click.

I have some time to do it and hope it meets my expectations and yours.